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Saoussen Hassine Iris
   nice material fits as described.
Sofia Jurado
   a tad boxier than it looks in the picture but I like it enough to buy more in other colors
Emma Jeffers
   I have been looking for a good set of sheets to replace my old sheets for my massage practice with. I have had these for almost 2 months and LOVE them! They are very soft (and have stayed soft after bi-weekly washes). My clients always comment on how soft they are (and they don't when I use my old sheets on them). They breathe well and look really nice on my massage table. Bamboo sheets aren't cheap, but they are well worth the price in my opinion. I would definitely recommend them!
Jacqueline March
   My son wears it all the time!!! I would say order a size up, it fits a bit small in my opinion.

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